Let the Experts Handle Your Collection Needs!

Overview of Our Collection Services

Our first approach to collections is the secondary bill review process. This process, which is enshrined in the labor code, is a necessary first step for all medical receivables. We maintain a full staff of second bill review collectors. We, with the authorization from the client, will dispute billings to the Independent Bill Review System. We are intimately familiar and incredibly successful in using this system.

This success is magnified when the billing is produced by Associated Lien Services, Inc. , as we are consistently monitoring any updates in the Official Medical Fee Schedule. For cases that are outside of the second bill review system that deal with issues of causation, necessity, or authorization, our collections team will complete the following: analyze each bill, initiate collection procedures to resolve, and/or file a declaration of readiness to litigate before the WCAB.

  • We Have Our Finger on the Pulse

    Associated Lien Services utilizes the WCAB EDEX system. This system allows us to obtain information on each claim, automatically notifying us of every event until the case is concluded.

  • Collection Professionals

    Our staff of collection professionals will pursue your lien to resolution. These professionals are competent in the evaluation of claims and scenarios. In the event your lien issues are not resolved telephonically, we immediately file a Declaration of Readines to proceed to adjudicate your lien case. We also file petitions for payment and penalties.

  • Professional Hearing Representatives

    If and when litigation is required, Associated Lien Services maintains a network of professional hearing representatives throughout the state. Our hearing reps are experts at MSC, Case in Chief Trials, Lien Trials, and Status Conferences.

  • Management/Consulting

    Associated Lien Services has extensive experience in practice management. Associated Lien Services also has the ability to simply manage your existing court calendar, if you are not interested in collections off site.

  • Full Scale

    Full scale collection service with staff – Telephonic, Electronic, or Mail.

  • Full Litigation Team Statewide

    Handling status conferences, MSCs, Lien Conferences, Lien Trials, Reconsideration Petitions

  • Legal Petitions

    Medical, legal, and treatment records.

  • On-Call

    On-Call bill review experts for accurate recovery

  • Bulk Settlement Procedures

    Bulk Settlement Procedures

Workers Comp Collection Services

Medical Billing

We provide full practice management or concierge service. Our services provide for full management of your scheduling, transcribing and reporting needs


We have in house collectors who are all former hearing representatives as well as a full litigation team.